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That the group's music shows similarities to the group Big Country most likely has to do with the fact that Richard Jobson, the singer from The Armoury Show, earlier played together with Stuart Adamson, the singer from Big Country, in a group called Skids. If you've ever seen The Armoury Show play in their hometown of Edingurgh in Scotland, then you can understand that they are a typical Scottish phenomenon: The English is harder, but the contact with the public is more quiet and not so hectic, nevertheless direct.

After a concert, the musicians still sit in the foyer with their fans. The big drums and the 'big' sound are trademarks of the group, similar to Big Country. Sometimes the singer, Richard Jobson, looks like a boxer and reminds one of Muhammed Ali. The creative tension comes from his texts and the music from guitarist, John McGeoch, who also left his mark on the different sound of Siouxsie and the Banshees. For a while, McGeoch was also a member of the group, Magazine, and belonged to the top class of guitarists of the new generation after 1976. The function of bass player, Russell Webb, as a singer, is important. With his clear, high voice, he sings all the second parts.

The group's goal is to carry through positive energy, which they themselves embody. What this is all about, is told by Richard Jobson announcement to 'Avalanche': He'd rather be a boxer, even when that means getting hit on the nose once in a while instead of always remaining the same, the way you normally do.

Source: http://www.rockpalastarchiv.de/rn16_e.html

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